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Dr. Nick and Dr. Reanne strive to provide the highest quality optometry services and compassionate eye care to ensure you and your family are healthy, happy and thriving

Dr. Nick Ciotti


Dr. Nick grew up on the Mississippi gulf coast. It was during high school through his own experience as a frequent patient of his local optometrist that he realized his ambition to become an eye doctor himself. After graduating from Ocean Springs High School Dr. Nick headed straight to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where he completed his bachelor’s degree in biology at Nova Southeastern University. From there it was a smooth transition into Nova’s College of Optometry where he graduated in 2017 with his doctorate.



Dr. Nick had the dream of opening his own private practice from a young age and was fortunate enough to meet someone who shared his dreams and ambitions to make Ciotti Eye Care a reality. Dr. Nick is very outgoing and personable. He has never met a stranger. He loves getting to know his patients and takes pride in his ability to give highly individualized care and provide real world solutions for his patient’s eye care needs.


Outside of routine eye care, Dr. Nick offers specialty contact lens fittings and custom contact lenses (i.e. orthokeratology, RGP lenses, scleral lenses, etc.). Whatever your contact lens needs are, Dr. Nick has your eyes covered!


Although unconventional for an optometrist, Dr. Nick stays up to date on the latest research in general health and wellness. He offers one-on-one nutrition, lifestyle coaching and education for patients with diabetes looking to learn how to better manage, or even reverse, their condition outside of the standard medical/pharmaceutical model of treatment. Dr. Nick also offers lifestyle coaching services to anyone looking for help with weight loss or other chronic lifestyle related health issues. Dr. Nick is an advocate of holistic health and believes that the best path to healthy eyes is investing in a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Reanne Ciotti


Dr. Reanne Ciotti is a born and raised Floridian who grew up in Titusville, just down the street from Kennedy Space Center. Growing up she was competitive in sports and academics. She attended the University of South Florida for 3 years before getting accepted into the Nova Southeastern College of Optometry where she graduated with her bachelor’s in Vision Sciences and her Doctor of Optometry degrees. Following Optometry school, the Ciotti’s moved to Michigan so that Dr. Reanne could specialize in pediatrics and vision therapy.


Dr. Reanne has a history of sports related head injuries that give her migraines, motion sickness, double vision, and some trouble with extended reading/near work. These are all symptoms of a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Dr. Reanne considers these symptoms “empathy builders” which she believes give her greater insight into understanding, empathizing, and helping her patients.


She loves diagnosing and treating functional vision disorders and seeing patients that may not feel fit into a traditional optometric office where 10–15-minute eye exams are the norm. She strives for inclusivity and has made it a point that Ciotti Eye Care be accessible to all patients – patients with disabilities, neuro-atypical patients, etc.


While not in the office, she is a devoted aunt of two – Parker and Rylee who she adores. She also has a soft heart for any lost or stray animal, and it is not uncommon for Dr. Nick to receive a phone call or text letting him know there is a stray dog in their spare bathroom until Dr. Reanne can find its owner or a new forever home. The Ciotti household is currently maxed out with 5 resident dogs so please – adopt, don’t shop!


If you can’t already tell…there’s rarely a dull moment at the Ciotti household.

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