About Ciotti Eye Care

Welcome to Ciotti Eye Care – Fishhawk and Riverview’s premier eye care provider. Ciotti Eye Care is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team, Dr. Reanne Ciotti O.D. and Dr. Nick Ciotti O.D.

About Us


Ciotti Eye Care is a full scope optometric practice offering high quality vision care products and personalized optometric services. It is important to both Dr. Ciotti’s that they offer top level eye care with the latest technology and instrumentation available. We are equipped with Optomap ultra-wide-field retinal imaging, Maestro 2 optical coherence topography (OCT) imaging, Medmont corneal topography imaging, iCare tonometry, Humphrey visual field testing, fully digital Topcon exam lanes and more.


Dr. Reanne is a pediatric specialist. She loves diagnosing and treating functional vision disorders – eye teaming problems, eye focusing problems and vision related learning disorders. She is thrilled to see patients of all ages – including babies 6 months and older. Yes, we can do a vision and ocular health check on babies! If you or a family member need special accommodations, please feel free to call the office ahead of your scheduled appointment time so we can adjust your exam or optical experience accordingly.


Dr. Nick loves fitting contact lenses, diabetic eye care and lifestyle coaching. You will never have a visit without learning something new, whether that be about eye health or about the latest research in nutrition, health and wellness.

If you want a fully personalized eye care experience where you are treated like an individual and not a number, come on in and let us prove that at Ciotti Eye Care, we care!

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